Friday, January 14, 2011

Who's That Girl

Wow! So it looks like I am really going to do this. I have been discussing the blog for a while now.  Just coming up with a name took forever.  I really liked "Audacious Whimsy" but no one else seemed to.  I went through several "unavailable" before finding "Designer on the go". As we get to know each other you will see that I am very much on the go.  Always in the road, headed down I-85 to ADAC or in the opposite direction to my workroom.  Having clients from Commerce to Athens and Jefferson to McRea it certainly seems like I spend more time in my car than anywhere else.

Being a mother keeps me just as busy with school functions, softball practice, dance practice and any other interests they may decide to take up at any moment. Then there is my volunteer work, the garden club I am a member of, Interior Design classes I teach at a local college at night and any freelance writing opportunities that come along. Family time, needless to say, is precious and is packed with trips (yes time on the go again) to North Carolina, the beach and our favorite, Walt Disney World.

It's great being an interior designer and doing what I love. Everyday I am surrounded by so many beautiful fabrics, luxurious  furnishings and fun finishes. I do so enjoy that social interaction in showrooms, with architects and certainly the fresh perspective that each new client brings. I am excited to share my point of view on the world of interior design with you and look forward to, well, everything!

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